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Used & New Blue Drum (Metal/Plastic, Open Top/Tight Head)

Plastic Blue Drum/塑料桶
Types  Tight Head & Open Top 
Capacity:         220L/ 200L/ 160L                    


Washed & Clean

Colour: Blue
MOQ: 10units
1. Plastic barrels are mostly used for storage and transportation of various liquids. They are not fragile, rust-free, light in weight, and not easy to deform. They are also resistant to oil and strong corrosion. They are suitable for packaging that requires heat preservation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Items are mostly used to hold solid items such as chemical raw materials, pesticides, lubricants, paints, hardware and electronics, and electromechanical.
2. Long service life and long shelf life.
3. Plastic barrels can be used for hot filling, but the general temperature should not exceed 60°C.
4. When the product contained is easy to decompose and generate gas, it can be equipped with a breathable cover to prevent the package from swelling.
Food packaging: sauce, oil, vinegar, seasoning, milk, lactic acid etc.
Beverage packaging: wine, fruit juice, mineral water etc.
Chemical packaging: fine chemicals, liquid fertilizers, pesticides, treatment agents, cleaning agents, alcohol, hazardous chemicals etc.
Medical packaging: medical reagents, disinfectant, developing solution, setting solution, distilled water etc.

1. 塑料桶多用于各种液体的储存和运输,不易碎、不生锈、质轻、不易变形等特点,而且耐油、耐强腐蚀性,适用于包装需保温防潮、耐压和抗腐蚀的物品,多用于盛装化工原料、农药、润滑剂、涂料、五金电子、机电等固体物品。
2. 使用寿命长及保质期长。
3. 塑料桶可用于热灌装,但一般温度不可超过60℃。
4. 装盛产品为易分解及易产生气体时,可配备透气盖,防止包装涨起。


Metal Drum/铁桶 
Types  Closed Head (Bunghole ) & Open Head
Capacity:         200L                      
Condition: Used
Washed & Clean
Colour: Mix
MOQ: 10units

  • Strong leak-proof performance, ideal for storage and transportation of chemicals and hazardous substances.
  • Very durable, not easy to bend, crack or tear, but also resistant to being burned. If your storage facility caught on fire, the contents will still be well protected.
  • Steel drums are also easy to organize and therefore it is space-saving and easy to recycle or reuse.
  • 防漏性能强, 是储存和运输化学药品及有害物质的理想选择。
  • 非常耐用,不易弯曲, 破裂或撕裂,而且还可以防止被焚毁。
  • 钢桶也很容易整理因此也非常的节省空间和容易回收利用

Reconditioned Open Top Plastic Blue Drum-200L

Used Metal Drum -200L

Reconditioned Open Top Plastic Blue Drum-200L

Reconditioned Open Top Plastic Blue Drum-200L

Reconditioned Open Top Plastic Blue Drum-200L

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